Hard Working


Our motto is hard work and dedication!  We have the equipment to help you put in the work to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Looking for a place to hit your goals without the high costs of fancy memberships and "custom classes" that are perfectly designed for your "body type."

Cut the crap - we're a gym for people who know where they're going, and who just need a place to help those people get there.

Welcome to that facility.  We're Underground Fit Club and we look forward to hitting goals with you.

Community Orriented


We are proud to serve Kuna and the greater Boise area.  We are locals and we are dedicated to doing our part to help build this growing community.  Become a part of something that keeps giving and growing.  As a team, we want you all to feel like you belong here at our facility and we want you to contribute to our own thriving community here in the gym.

Relaxed and Friendly Environment


No one likes to feel like they are being judged in the gym. We understand everyones fitness journey starts somewhere, so let it be here at Underground!  We love those people who smile and lend a helping hand when they see someone struggling.  The underground environment is one that gives off a feeling of positivity and hitting goals. 

Looking to feel good about yourself by putting down beginners?  Go find a corporate gym somewhere else.

Looking to feel good about yourself by achieving goals with those around you?  Get started today at Underground.